Eight of Cups:

The Eight of Cups can indicate times when it is necessary to abandon something in order to
move on with life, even though this is rarely done without some regret and misgivings. When
the time comes to let go and move on, we have to make an emotional sacrifice. This may be
hard to do, but resistance to making that sacrifice will result in emotional stagnation. This
interpretation of this card implies the following affirmations

I am leaving behind old attachments so that I can discover better things in my life.
I am moving on to a better phase of my life

Similarly, this card suggests those times when we are just beginning to realize that our present
circumstances are unacceptable. For some of us, it is hard to arrive at a realization like this, so
we tend to stick with bad situations, often in the vain hope that they will improve. If that
sounds like you, then the following affirmation will help you become better at recognizing when
it's time to move on

I am able to recognize when a situation has become unacceptable, unsatisfying, or unfulfilling.
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November 29, 2011
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