Tarot: Get the Whole Story demonstrates how to create your own spreads.  It also
presents a variety of spreads (suitable for many purposes), which it illustrates with
entertaining and informative sample readings.

While there are other Tarot books on the market that present various spreads, this one
explains spreads in much greater detail.  Its most distinctive feature is the fact that for
each of its spreads, it provides a sample reading for a well-known fictional, mythical, or
historical figure.  These readings clearly illustrate the use of the spreads, and they also
make this book a joy to read.  In addition, they have a peripheral benefit in that they will
help you hone your Tarot skills by seeing examples of actual readings.  (Please note that
the sample readings in this book were all done using the
Robin Wood Tarot deck.)

Sandra A. Thomson, a former President of the American Tarot Assn and author of many
Tarot books, including
Pictures from the Heart and Spiritual Tarot has this to say about
Tarot: Get the Whole Story:

"By combining card-reading techniques with spread development ideas, Ricklef has
created a book that can serve Tarotists for a long time to come.  In sharing his thinking
about how and why he created his spreads, this book provides guidance and inspiration
for inexperienced and experienced readers alike."

Donald Michael Kraig, author of
Tarot & Magic and many other books on Magick,
including the best selling
Modern Magick says this about T:GTWS:

"This book is an ideal resource for any reader looking to create and modify new Tarot
spreads. The in-depth interpretations for real and fictional personalities clearly shows how
the cards and their positions in spreads interrelate, making this perfect for anyone
seeking to expand their ability to understand and use the Tarot cards."

                           The following are excerpts from
              various reviews of
Tarot: Get the Whole Story —

** "The value [of this book] to a seasoned tarot reader is obvious, but novice readers who
have an open mind can learn a great deal by combining reading techniques in his
previous book,
Tarot Tells The Tale with the various opportunities for different layouts in
this book. ... Combine James's excellent advice with your own talents and inventiveness
for a reading that is sure to be right on target!" — Sherry Henderson,
Oracle 20/20

** "In Tarot - Get The Whole Story, Tarot Master / Teacher James Ricklef becomes the
Master Storyteller, guiding us on our journey through the world of Tarot spreads, the
world that acts as the starting point in our quest to ask the right questions, and receive
meaningful answers.... This is a wonderful book, a gentle journey which is very enriching
and enlightening. I recommend it to any level of Tarot student. It is easily read, and easily
understood. " — Bonnie Cehovet,

** "... No longer do we want to memorize dozens of spreads created by nameless and
faceless Tarotists decades ago. ... Instead we want to think for ourselves, create our own
spreads, and create unique, original, flexible, useful spreads. But how do we do it? Where
do we start? James Ricklef's new book,
Tarot: Get the Whole Story is an easily
accessible, fun, and inspiring study of this big question. Essentially it explains to the
reader how to create spreads, where to find inspiration, and what kind of spreads might
be created [and] it does so in a non-prescriptive manner which leaves your mind racing
with ideas and possibilities.  ...  Ricklef's writing style is endearing, clear, and makes you
want to read on, and the book itself is, quite simply, perfect. It strikes an excellent balance
between beginner and advanced reader, and I think it will inspire anybody who reads it to
bring a little life, fun, and flexibility back into the Tarot spreads they may take for granted."
—  Kiama,

** "No matter what level of a tarot reader you are, ... hopefully you will be inspired to buy
Tarot:  Get the Whole Story." — Crystal Wind, The Tarot Institute

** " ... much more than your average "how-to" tarot book ... equally useful to the novice or
the expert. ... Ricklef's writing is a joy to read... The pace of the book is quick, but
comfortable.  I've recommended this book to several friends, some of which are novice
tarot card readers, and they had no difficulty understanding or enjoying Ricklef's work. ...
It is as easily understood by (and helpful to) the novice as to the expert.  If you are a fan
of the tarot, this is hardly a book you can afford to pass by!" — Beverly Forehand,
Roundtable Reviews

** "Tarot: Get the Whole Story is a supremely helpful text for any good tarot consultant.  
Highly recommended!" —
James Wells, The Six-Rayed Star newsletter

** "... the author's easy writing style and interesting choice of topic means you'll be using
this book ... if you're at all interested in creating your own tarot spreads." — review by
Clare McHale (
Tainted Tarot)

** "James Ricklef has done it again! A most wonderful book on Tarot spreads. How to
create and interpret spreads. Create spreads to answer any question! Includes a variety
of spreads and sample readings using famous characters from history, literature and
mythology. An excellent companion to his book,
Tarot Tells the Tale." — Rev. Jeff, Rev.
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