I am proud to announce that "Tarot Tells the Tale" was awarded First Runner-up in the General
Interest category for the 2004 Coalition of Visionary
Resources (COVR) Awards.

This book features twenty-two 3-card readings and one Celtic Cross reading for famous people and
fictional characters. It also includes comments on each of the readings, including notes about
problems I had doing them, things I feel they can teach us about doing readings, and items of
interest about the subjects of the readings and about the readings themselves. Thus, it bridges the
gap between the theory of doing Tarot readings, which many books explain, and the actual practice
of doing them, which is only rarely illustrated in other Tarot books.

The following is what some people have said about this book:

"Tarot Tells the Tale" by James Ricklef is a unique contribution to the tarot field and one of the finest
ways to learn to read the cards. It is also extremely well written -- a joy to read. If you read this book,
you can't help but become a better tarot reader." --
Mary K. Greer (Author of many Tarot books
including "Tarot for Your Self" and "The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals")

"James Ricklef's legendary KnightHawk readings are not just a delightful look at some of our favorite
literary and historical characters through the prism of Tarot; they also show us how readings can
really work. This is a Tarot book -- a course in Tarot, actually -- like no other." --
Rachel Pollack
(Author of many Tarot books including "Seventy-eight Degrees of Wisdom" and "The Forest of

The following are some links to reviews of my book,
Tarot Tells the Tale, along with a quote from

Aeclectic’s Book Review
"Tarot Tells The Tale is an invaluable addition to the bookshelf for the beginner or intermediate
reader intent on improving their Tarot reading skills."

The Diva Digest
"What a wonderful book!  It's rare that a book on The Tarot offers anything that is particularly
original or unique; however, Ricklef has managed to do so in a way that is both entertaining and
informative. ... It's my opinion that this book should be required reading for all serious students of
the Tarot, so valuable is its usage in showing Tarot readings in action. It was an enjoyable and
informative read and I enthusiastically give it five pentacles out of five."

"...a wonderfully enjoyable book that provides many entertaining examples of how the cards work
together in a reading, the way a professional reading handles questions, and the power of the
simple three card reading. If you read Tarot cards, buy this book."

The Tarot Institute
James Ricklef [has] done a masterful job of teaching tarot readers how to interpret the cards in his
new book
Tarot Tells the Tale.  ...  [This] is a book for those people who are starting to read tarot
cards for themselves and others. It’s also a book for every tarot reader interested in honing his or
her tarot interpretation skills. It’s a treasury of down-to-Earth knowledge and a joy to read.

World Tarot Network
James is so very creative in using readings for characters from literature and people from the past. It
is as if they were sitting in front of him as he was doing a reading for them. ... The book is beautifully
done, being as entertaining as it is informative. ... I highly recommend it.

Tainted Tarot
I was pleased with [Ricklef’s] easy style of writing, and pleasantly surprised to find that the book
contained more information than the three-card spreads and scenarios mentioned in the title... an
interesting and fun book.

Rev. Jeff’s Bookstore
I love this book! One of my all-time favorites! A fresh approach for beginners or advanced readers.

The following are a few excerpts from some other (non-online) sources:

“... this is a wonderful way to learn, in depth, the meanings of the cards. It is a great book for
beginners as well as old timers. ... Try it, you’ll like it.” -- The Path Review, December 2003 (Winter

“I learned a lot by reading this book and by trying KnightHawk’s technique myself. Thank you James
for providing me with this unique and creative way to take my Tarot studies to another level.” --
review by Beej Jasper, appearing in the 2005 issue of Celebrating the Tarot

“The format for the three card readings makes this book unique, but the crowning gem and the
reason to buy this book is the author’s ability to clearly and concisely explain complex and diverse
concepts related to the Tarot. And he does it in a logical process that encourages you to think of
possibilities right along with him...” -- review by Valerie Priddle, appearing in the 2005 issue of
Celebrating the Tarot
For a sample KnightHawk Tarot reading that is representative of the readings -- and commentaries
on those readings -- that appear in this book, click
To see the Table of Contents for this book, click HERE.
Information about Tarot Reading Explained
...  The book formerly known as Tarot Tells the Tale
Tarot Reading Explained
                                              Announcement (August 2011):
Llewellyn has let Tarot Tells the Tale go out of print. Rather than see this as a problem, however, I’m
seeing it as an opportunity, so I’m working to re-issue it in a revised edition through createspace.
com, which is where I am publishing my books
Tarot Affirmations and The Original Tarot Coloring
. I’m re-editing the text, re-titling the book, and creating a new cover, and I’m not sure yet how
long all that may take (a month or two maybe?), but I’ll give you all a heads up when the time draws
                                                   Update (October 2011):
I have updated this book for publication with CreateSpace and it is now available through their
website.  The new title is:
Tarot Reading Explained.  You can see the new cover to the right.  It is
also on