Section 1:  Introduction

Section 2:  Preludes
 Chapter 1:  Numerological and Elemental Associations
 Chapter 2:  Court Cards
 Chapter 3:  Finding Card Meanings
 Chapter 4:  Reversed Cards
 Chapter 5:  Rephrasing the Question
 Chapter 6:  Three-Card Spreads
 Chapter 7:  Pulling it All Together
 Chapter 8:  Ethical Considerations

Section 3:  Three-card KnightHawk Readings
 Chapter 0:  Beauty Hopes to Find Mercy in the Beast
 Chapter 1:  Looking for Mr. Right
 Chapter 2:  Woman Ponders Move to Paris
 Chapter 3:  The Ultimate Lost Love
 Chapter 4:  Wayward Son Longs for Forsaken Home
 Chapter 5:  Teacher Ponders New Position
 Chapter 6:  Man, Searching for Angel, Discovers Demon Instead
 Chapter 7:  Prime Minister Faces Difficult Decision
 Chapter 8:  The Girl Just Wants to Have Fun
 Chapter 9:  Scientist Fears Return Home
 Chapter 10:  Golden Touch: Blessing or Curse?
 Chapter 11:  Writer of Declaration Ponders its Fate
 Chapter 12:  Man Yearns for a Wonderful Life
 Chapter 13:  A Perilous Flight to Freedom
 Chapter 14:  Angels Tell Girl to Save France
 Chapter 15:  Man Falls in Love with Statue
 Chapter 16:  Young Prince Finds Revenge Beyond His Ability
 Chapter 17:  Duckling Ridiculed by Peers
 Chapter 18:  Lady Wonders How to Help Husband Become King
 Chapter 19:  Woman Fears Physical Problem Will Affect Marriage Proposal
 Chapter 20:  Woman Seeks Success in New Location, New Career
 Chapter 21:  Man Suspicious of Brother

Section 4:  A Celtic Cross KnightHawk Tarot Reading
 Chapter 1:  The Celtic Cross Spread
 Chapter 2:  A Celtic Cross Reading
 Chapter 3:  Comments on a Celtic Cross Reading

Section 5:  Closing Comments

Section 6:  Appendices
 Appendix 1:  Comments on the Seventy-eight Tarot Cards
 Appendix 2:  Card / Reading Cross Reference
 Appendix 3:  References
 Appendix 4:  Bibliography
 Appendix 5:  Miscellaneous Tarot Resources
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