If you have an interesting Tarot website and would like to request that we share
reciprocal links, feel free to
contact me to tell me your website address and
The American Tarot Association (ATA) offers many services for beginners, intermediate and
advanced tarot students.  Their
interview with me is in their April 2010 online newsletter.

Tarot School offers live and audio-taped classes, telephone teleclasses and a powerful
Correspondence Course, Free Tarot Tips newsletter, info on their annual weekend workshop (the
Readers Studio), links and more.

Living Tarot was for many years the largest topic-specific Tarot Meetup in the world, and now it's
on Facebook too.

Tarot Garden features a large database of tarots and cartomantic decks, a boutique with a
wide variety of decks for sale, and a Library where you will find reference information and tarot-
related amusements.

Tarotpedia is a collaborative Online Encyclopedia of Tarot. Anyone can become a member and
assist in the growth and development of the site. Whether reading through and alerting omissions,
making suggestions, or contributing directly to the pages, participation is what is making
Tarotpedia a valuable resource for the Tarot community.

Daughters of Divination puts on the annual San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium (SF
BATS) -- a fun and invaluable event.  Try it some time!

The Tarot Connection is a site dedicated to the traditional, historic and modern Tarot. It includes
a series of
Podcasts of interviews of a variety of people working in the Tarot field.  

Aeclectic Tarot is a site dedicated to the diversity & beauty of Tarot. See images of Tarot cards,
read reviews of Tarot decks and Tarot books, learn about Tarot, receive Tarot readings, visit Tarot
links, or join their Tarot community.

Tarot Guild is an organization for Tarot Enthusiasts, Students, Tarot Meetup Organizers, and

Tainted Tarot presents “personal Reflections on the Ancient Art of Tarot Card Reading,
Information, Reviews and more...”

Students of Tarot website will help you find answers to questions you might ask of the Tarot,
with a choice of classic or modern decks for your online reading. There are also sections to help
you learn Tarot, invent your own spread, etc... or just have some Tarot fun!

Tarot for Life website and associated MSN Group of over 1700 members are full of lively
Tarot discussion, articles, spread ideas, daily Tarot reflections, reviews, and weekly chats.
You can get a free, automated reading using my deck with a wide variety of spreads using the
MyDivination website.  Note that there are many decks there from which to choose, so you'll have
to look through the options to find mine.

Mary Greer's Tarot Blog is (of course!) fantastic.  Mary is one of the absolute best Tarot authorities
alive today.  Her blog includes reports of goings-on in the tarot world, articles on the history and
practice of tarot, reviews, etc.  

Joan Bunning’s website provides a wonderful Tarot course. This extensive online course helps
the beginner learn how to use the cards for him/herself, and experienced tarot users can find useful
information here as well. It offers 19 lessons that begin with the basics and then move into more
detailed aspects of the Tarot. It also provides information about each of the 78 Tarot cards and
about the patterns for laying out the cards.

Rachel Pollack is one of the leading Tarot experts of our time, but she is much more than that.  Her
website discusses her books (including award-winning fiction as well as Tarot), decks, and lots

Johanna Sherman, creator of The Sacred Rose Tarot, presents her artistic endeavors for your
viewing pleasure at
Johanna Sherman's Art Gallery

Then there is the wonderful website of the incomparable (and prolific) Robert Place, creator of The
Alchemical Tarot, The Tarot of the Saints, The Angels Tarot, and The Buddha Tarot and the
author of the excellent book,
The Tarot: History, Symbolism, and Divination. His website contains
articles on his decks and on magic and mysticism, and it features his art and mystical jewelry.

Ferol Humphrey offers, among other things, "Living Tarot Method Tarot reading and instruction."

If you want to see a lovely self-published deck, the MAAT Tarot, visit
Julie Cuccia-Watts’s
website.  You can also read my review of this wonderful deck.

Another wonderful artist who has some great Tarot work on her
website is Arnell Ando.  Visit her
gallery of Tarot, Magical, and mystical art... and more.

Devoted to the study of Tarot,
Bonnie Cehovet’s website has a multitude of Tarot articles along
with deck and book reviewer.  She is also the author of a book called "
Tarot In Review" which is a
compilation of Tarot book reviews and deck reviews.

Thrysse’s Tarot website has many interesting Tarot articles, and it offers readings with a wide
variety of decks.

The Gaian Tarot (by
Joanna Powell Colbert) “celebrates the living Earth and those who seek to
live in harmony with Her.”  You can see many of these lovely cards on Joanna’s
Gaian Tarot
website.  And you can even get a free automated Tarot reading using her deck.

Pamela Wells has worked as a fine artist, commercial illustrator, graphic and web designer for
over 20 years. She is interested in women's issues of self-empowerment, self-growth, and
spirituality, and in 2009 she authored and illustrated a booklet and deck set called
"Affirmations for
the Everyday Goddess – Spiritual Guidebook & 22 Wisdom Cards for Contemplation and Prayer."

Rev. Jeff is a clairvoyant and Spiritual Minister whose services include psychic readings. His
website has a bookstore (featuring reviews and recommendations of books as well as great deals
on the best spiritual books), and articles on various spiritual & metaphysical subjects.

Another interesting site is
Joan Cole's website of Tarot articles.  Especially nice are her Tarot

Willow Merrymoon's website includes information about the Tarot, including deck reviews (with
photos), quizzes and a monthly "Tarotcast"

David Thornton does Tarot readings as well as work in various other healing modalities.

                         Non Tarot Stuff

For the socially conscious, here are a few great links ...

On these sites, all it takes is a simple click of your mouse -- no contributions required:
*  Feed the hungry at the
Hunger Site
*  Fund free mammograms at the Breast Cancer Site
*  Help impoverished children at the Child Health Site
*  Provide free books at the Literacy Site
*  Feed an animal in need at the Animal Rescue Site
*  Save our rain forests at the Rainforest Site and at the Race for the Rainforest Site

Here are a few more worthy sites:

Oxfam America strives to create lasting solutions to global poverty,
hunger and social injustice

*  The
Make Poverty History site ... Well, their name states their purpose
perfectly well. 'Nuff said.

*  The
Kristin Brooks Hope Center (a tax exempt, not-for-profit organization) helps save lives
through its primary program, the National Hopeline Network 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433).

*  Do you have 3 minutes to spare?  How about doing a quick,
Three-Minute Meditation?

PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously
on one side of a homemade postcard.

*  The
Random Acts of Kindness Foundation inspires people to practice kindness and to “pass it
on” to others.  It provides free educational and community ideas, guidance, and other resources to
kindness participants (meaning people like you and me).

*  The
Self Help for Self Development website includes information on using affirmations to create a
better life, goals and goal setting, creative visualizations, and motivating quotes.
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