TAROT ARTICLES  -- The following are some Tarot articles that I have
written.  The links provided will take you to those articles.

  • BATS 1999 -- a review of the 1999 Bay Area Tarot Symposium.
  • LATS 1999 -- a review of the 1999 Los Angeles Tarot Symposium.
  • LATS 2000 -- a review of the 2000 Los Angeles Tarot Symposium.
  • Thalassa -- An interview with Thalassa, the organizer of the SF Bay
    Area Tarot Symposium (BATS).
  • The Question -- A discussion of the merits and practice of phrasing the
    question for a Tarot reading.
  • Practicing -- Various ways to practice reading Tarot cards.
  • Comparative Tarot -- How to explore a card's meaning by comparing
    several different versions of it.
  • Tarot Affirmation of the week.
  • Monthly article about one card.

GAMES -- If you are interested in games you can play with the Tarot, check
out my
GAMES page.

HUMOR  -- If you are interested in some light-hearted Tarot humor, check
out my
humor page.

TAROT BOOK AND DECK REVIEWS --  I have also written a few Tarot
Book Reviews and a few Tarot Deck reviews.  (See below for links to them.)
I plan to load in more reviews as time permits  ... Stay tuned!
The image at the top of this page is from the Tarot deck that I have designed and
illustrated.   This image, and all contents of this website (c) James Ricklef.
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