The Original Tarot Coloring Book
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The Original Tarot Coloring Book
By James Ricklef

This book is now available!  
You can buy it directly from the
publisher and it's available from
(See the Amazon link to the left).
If you have questions or comments about this book,
contact me.
What follows are samples of the front cover and of the first coloring
page of the book.  (The actual pages are larger than this -- the book has
an 8 x 10 format.)  The book also has several pages of preliminary
comments as well as coloring suggestions prior to this first coloring page.
Everything on this webpage is copyright © 2009 by James Ricklef;
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Words of praise for The Original Tarot Coloring Book:

*  “The Original Tarot Coloring Book is a great coloring book, either for
your children or for your inner child.” – The Fool

*  “This book presents a wonderful way for Tarot seekers of  all ages and
levels to explore the mysteries of the Tarot’s Major Arcana cards.” – The
High Priestess

*  “This charming fable about the Fool’s Journey is a must read for any
Tarot student.” – The Hierophant

*  “It’s just plain fun!” – The Sun

*  “It’s all that and more.” – The World

    "I love this book.
    Coloring the card
    images has been a
    spiritual experience for
    me. It takes me into a
    meditative state
    calmer and more
    focused. The remainder
    of my day, then, has a
    new tone in that I feel
    lighter and present in
    all I do. Thank you!"
    Joan Flynn