binary options training My name is James Ricklef and I am a Tarot reader based in Los Angeles.
I have an online shop at
Cafe Press that sells Tarot-
themed items such as  
t-shirts, coffee mugs,
magnets, etc. ... all with
Tarot card images.  
My Tarot work includes the following:

I have also set up an online
shop on ZAZZLE called
KnightHawk's Tarot
Products.  This shop
carries similar items as my
Cafe Press shop, but they
are customizable on Zazzle.
Affirmations are positive statements that you already have something or some quality that you desire.  
Repeating an affirmation while you visualize or meditate upon an associated Tarot card enhances the
affirmation and more easily “transports” it into your subconscious mind, since your subconscious mind
communicates using images and symbols, as do Tarot cards.

Click here for the
Tarot Affirmations of the Week.  (Feel free to modify any of these affirmations in order
to make them suit your needs more closely.)  I will be updating these affirmations periodically (hopefully,
weekly), so check back often.   By the way, see also my
Tarot Affirmations book.
binary trade options Each month, I post a new article about how a Tarot card relates to your life and your spiritual journey.  
So click here for the
Tarot Article of the Month.
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