I have an online shop at Cafe Press that sells some
Tarot-themed items such as posters, coffee mugs and cups,
apparel such as T-shirts and tank tops, and some other fun
stuff like magnets, greeting cards, journals, teddy bears,
etc.  These items feature images from
my Tarot deck --
cards like the Fool, Empress, High Priestess, Chariot,
Hermit, Tower, Judgement, Moon, Sun, etc.  You can click
on the Café Press button below or type --  
into your browser.

Periodically, I will be adding items or changing the Tarot
images on items, so check back once in a while.
Judgement card Coffee Mug that says Wake up and smell the coffee
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Women's Baby Doll T-shirt with the High Priestess at Cafe Press
Teddy Bear with image of 3 Tarot cards fanned
I have also set up an online shop on ZAZZLE called KnightHawk's Tarot
Products.  This shop carries the same types of items as Café Press (see the
samples depicted in the sidebar to the right), but they are customizable.
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The image at the top of this page is from the Tarot deck that I have designed and illustrated.
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