Why Pursue a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care?

Want to pursue a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care? You have made the right career decision. This is a career field that always has room for more and the pay is getting better by the year. It is a career choice that will leave you feeling good about yourself each time you leave work.

You will have satisfaction in your life knowing that you are doing a good deed each day working with life’s most precious gifts: children. It is a career where you can have fun at work and play; what is better than that? There are requirements that must be fulfilled in order to get a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. It does take work but a good college will instill you with the confidence and sense of preparedness to enter the workforce.

The Sage Institute of Child Care is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offering trusted courses in childhood education and care. Being an RTO, your diploma will be recognized as a respected and legitimate training certification anywhere in Australia. You will have the opportunity to get a comprehensive education in the childcare industry that you can apply in diverse work environments.

Children are so delicate and it takes a very special individual to embrace and love every child under their care while providing them with the best guidance in their lives. There are many differences on child ability levels and just like adults, they all learn at different paces. Taking this diploma course equips you with the knowledge and expertise to clearly understand the needs of kids.

At first, you will most likely be qualified for one of these jobs below:

1. Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) Assistant

2. Family Day Care Educator

3. Early Childhood Educator

4. Kindergarten Assistant

These are all great entry-level jobs in Australia. You can go further with the right training school. The Sage Institute of Technology’s diploma of early childhood education and care offers you more. Integrated classes with real-world experience, as well as classes that teach you skills of leadership and management will give you the edge in the workforce. It is quite impressive for a potential boss to see you not only are qualified as a teacher but that you can also hold a leadership role right out of college such as the following:

  • Daycare coordinator
  • Room leader
  • Center leader

There may be things that have been holding you back from pursuing a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. Things like conflicting hours with trying to hold a job or maybe taking care of your own child will make it hard to find the time to go to school. There are also the issues of paying for college. Everyone knows it’s expensive so that can make it difficult if you don’t get sufficient financial support.

Guidance is needed in navigating how to make time for classes and how to pay for them. Sage Institute Of Technology understands that people have different schedules. They offer you convenient night, weekday and weekend course schedules. You may very well be qualified to join the VET-FEE-HELP or government assistance to help you pay for school. You just need somebody who is willing to help you navigate this difficult system and make it easier for you to go to college.

Getting a diploma in childcare is an extremely rewarding job. There are a lot of days off during the year that allow you to get a perfect work-life balance. The hours are also great and steady. Most of these jobs offer great health insurance as well.